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I get "fatal: no matching remote head" when trying to clone a repository

Most likely the repository you are trying to clone is empty, and the error message is git's friendly way of telling you that. See below (or by clicking "more info" next to the repository's "push url") for info on how to push to it.

What is the SSH key fingerprint of the server I am pushing to?

The SSH key fingerprint of the server is:

How do I point my local Git repository at Gitorious?

Easiest way is to put something like the following in your .git/config file of the repository you wish to push:

[remote "origin"]
       url =
       fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
[branch "master"]
       remote = origin
       merge = refs/heads/master
and then git push origin master to push the code to Gitorious.

You can also just run "git push", or you can setup a remote by doing the following (add --fetch to the add call to get the config from above):

  git remote add origin
  # to push the master branch to the origin remote we added above:
  git push origin master 
  # after that you can just do:
  git push

What version of Git is Gitorious running?

git version 1.7.1

How did my avatar/mugshot end up on this site? I am not even registered!

We use for user avatars. If you have not registered on Gitorious, someone else may have pushed commits with you name and/or email in them which we in turn hash and send to to to find an avatar image. If you want it changed you should either register and upload an avatar of your own, or go to and change it.

Why do I need to upload my public SSH key?

When you push to a Git repository, your public key is how we authenticate you and check if have the permissions required to do a commit to a given repository

I have Windows. How do I generate the required SSH key?

The recommended way to use Git on Windows is the msysGit version. It comes bundled with minimal Cygwin support. When you finish installing it, you will have a "Git Bash" icon in your desktop. Double click to open it and now you can use known Linux-like commands, such as "ssh-keygen -t rsa". Just press 'Return' in every question it asks and you will finally have your pair of keys under ".ssh". For example, type "cat ~/.ssh/". Thats is the public key that you are required to copy and paste into your account on Gitorious.